Let's Play

by Mountainface

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released August 21, 2016


David Weir - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Matt Youds - Backing Vocals, Mandolin
Tom Winch - Backing Vocals, Guitar, Percussion

Recorded and Produced by Mountainface at Basecamp Studios
Mixed by Tom Winch
Mastered by Don Grossinger at Grossinger Mastering

Photography by Sam Rowlands Photography
Artwork by Anna Houghton

Special Thanks to Ben Stafford, James Griffiths, Sam Rowlands & Anna Houghton (you absolute stars), Matt Bascetta at House Of Tone, Jamie Northrop, Kev 'Ole Smokey' Jenkins, On Record Media and of course our wonderfully supportive friends & families!


Eastman Mandolins, Freshman Guitars, Farida Guitars, Elixir Strings, Audio Technica, Shure & AKG Microphones, Planet Waves cables, Blue Chip Plectrums, Focusrite Interface, Eventide Pre-amps, Roland & BOSS amplification & tuners, Electro-Harmonix effects, T-REX Engineering effects, G7th Capos, Dunlop USA plectrums, Fabfilter & HOFA EQ & reverbs.



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Mountainface Chester, UK

Contemporary Folk Trio from Chester, UK

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Track Name: Let's Play/Morning Greeting
The world outside my window
A silent sky that speaks only to me
The swollen in soft decay, the twilight of yesterday
Sweeps around me, and keeps me awake
Then your technicolour talk, all bone and no marrow
I feel the supernatural, choked out like a candle

Now when morning greets you
You can't even meet it's gaze, too afraid
Does dusk beseech you?
A fog too thick to see through
Waning and waiting, waiting on a...

Everyday Mystery

Sun catches on the curtains
Soon it consumes you, and consumes me
So Instead of sanding banks, making dams
Carving another's watercourse
I wanna be drowning and dreaming
Directionless and spilt upon

As old moons pass by, white hearts steal time
Blood floods forgotten veins
Felled oaks reroot, sunbirds break around you
Falling since birth; falling no more

Everyday Mystery
(There's a voice inside my head
Says there's a point of no return
Accept Unknown)
Track Name: Another World
I guess I'm alone
If I measure myself against these walls
Can I see how I've aged?
For when I was a child
Though my temper was wild
In that haze, I was never afraid

Now I plead to the Lord
I pull at the ones who would offer me support
And I'll clean my own name, I'll wash myself down
In the same waters where it all began

Now rise to your feet
All you've seen can't be unseen
If your skin gleams, it's sanctimoniously!
Is taste and touch and vision yours
If taste and touch and vision's ignored
The hermit waits, the hermit prays
The hermit longs to be repaid

So in another world, in another place
When I see you again, will I see your face?
In another world, in another place, in another world

Now I said that I'd been alone
Like a cross that I've always owned
As I tread, oh how the crowd carries my name
A rose in my teeth when it's said
A thorn in my side when it's said
You're drowning at sea she said
I've been lost since you left

Now I said that I'd been alone
All the broken bones have since set
Oh how the crowd carries my name
Singing sweet saltwater dreams
Let's see what washes up next
Track Name: How Many Roads
To know nothing but this room
To see only my cellmate
The work is hard, but it's meant to hurt
I know only what you tell me

Agathe's eyes caught the light
Like spring's first crushed diamonds
But that was long before the storm
The desensitising silence

Everything is so golden
On the day my spirit just gives out
I let the supple night take over

When the tape from the window peels
The stars suggest something more
I see outlines of a million lifetimes
Still worth living for

Is it too late for me?
Should I resign myself to dust?
Still I see an outreached hand
It's in that I must trust

It stood look all the rest
It looked like all the rest
Rip up these boards
Tear down these walls
We'll find a way home
But we'll never know how many roads
Track Name: I Want You To Smile
Don't feel bad
I want you to smile and to know that I'll always be here
Just be glad
Of the memories we saved up together over the years

The carpet is frayed where my armchair grew old
And the table's still scratched from my stick
There's things that were broken when I left
But that doesn't mean they cant be fixed

'Cause I'll be here waiting when your time's done too
But until that day life is waiting for you
And I don't need proof that you're sad that I'm gone
I just need to trust that you're going to move on

I want you to smile

Please don't waste
All the happiness you're still entitled to in these days to come
Now embrace
The new life you're going to lead on out in the sun

Devoting those years of your life to my comfort
You struggled on through without rest
And all that there's left you can do for me, dear
Is grant me just one last request

'Cause I'll be here waiting when your time's done too
But until that day life is waiting for you
And I don't need proof that you're sad that I'm gone
I just need to trust that you're going to move on

I want you to smile